Welcome to E/SASV Games

What is E/SASV Games?

It is a new form of solar-powered boat race inspired by the “Lake Biwa Crew-less Solar Powered Boat Race” that took place at Lake Biwa, Japan for the past 26 years. Our new game will be carried out in a hybrid format, taking place in both the virtual space and the real world.

We envision our competition to provide an opportunity for children from across Japan and around the world to learn, engage, and reconsider about the natural environment at Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan.


In 2022, the “Lake Biwa Crew-less Solar Boat Tournament” will end its 26-year history due to the aging of the organizers, the rut of the current competition style, and the stagnation of the technical level. However, I am trying to take a new step with the children who participated, instead of leaving it uninterrupted.


The same running course as the Lake Biwa Crew-less Solar Boat Competition, which has been held before, will be reproduced in virtual space, and unmanned solar boats will run. Each team will design the solar boat using 3D CAD.


In finding E/SASV Games.

In 1997, we started a crew-less solar powered boat race at Lake Biwa. This was an ambitious project where we had solar powered boats relying solely on GPS and compass data compete with each other. 26 years from then, we are trying to take a new step forward.

That is the E/SASV games where contestants from around the world challenge each other in both virtual and the real world. Realizing this project will require a lot of help. Some of the major challenges include development of complicating software/hardware and funds to support our work.

The insights we can gain from the competition of autonomous vessels will greatly advance technologies in deep sea research and space exploration. The outcome by attempting to reduce the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world will also be our gift for the next generation.

Now, let us set sail into the virtual lake.

Now, let us compete on the beautiful Lake Biwa.

Michio Kumagai