E/SASV Games

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E/SASV Games is a new competition based on the “Lake Biwa Clueless Solar Boat Competition”.

What is the Lake Biwa Crew-less Solar Boat Tournament?

・Crewless = no crew
・ Solar = sun
・Boat = ship

What is a Clueless Solar Boat?
It means “a ship that is powered by the sun (batteries) and can sail autonomously without a crew on board.”

The Clueless Solar Boat Competition is held every summer at Lake Biwa and has been held 26 times so far. It is held in two divisions, the diffusion division and the advanced technology division. In the popular category, crewless solar boats, which are not autonomous, will compete for straight time in a 25m pool. In the Advanced Technology Division, crewless solar boats equipped with GPS-based automatic steering systems compete for a time of approximately 20km on Lake Biwa.

The Lake Biwa Clueless Solar Boat Tournament started in 1997 and has been held 26 times by August 2022. However, in 2022, the Advanced Technology Division closed its curtain after 26 years of history due to the aging of the organizers, the rut of the current competition style, and the stagnation of the technical level. Many elementary and junior high school students also participated in this competition, making it a valuable opportunity to experience nature that has been lost in recent years. Among the children who participated in the past, there is also a child who won the “Japan Water Award Future Pioneering Award” in the large scale ecological survey of the loquat beetle. Through this kind of relationship with children, I feel that it is most important to pass on the results of our activities to the next generation. Our greatest vision is to take responsibility for the passing of the baton between generations and to realize dreams and connect them to the future, rather than letting dreams end with dreams.
I would like to do what I can now to protect the environment of Lake Biwa, which is rapidly deteriorating, and above all, to pass it on to the next generation. In order to make this initiative permanent rather than temporary, we aim to carry out this project together with children who will be responsible for the future of the earth, and to get them interested in environmental problems and the mystery of life.

A new step ~E/SASV Games~

The E/SASV-Games will be held twice, a qualifying round and a final round.

1, preliminaries

The preliminary round will be held in a virtual space, not in the real space of Lake Biwa. This virtual space is reproduced just like Lake Biwa. Run your own designed boat on this virtual lake!

Prizes will be awarded to the teams with the best results! ! (Amount undecided, about 500,000 yen)

About 30 types of ships are prepared, so use the one you like. Each ship has its own characteristics. Which ship you choose may affect your victory or defeat. Of course, you can also design your own ship using 3DCAD.

The rules are as follows. (Due to the development stage, it may change in the future.)

①The starting point is random.

②Based on the coordinates set in the virtual Lake Biwa, let’s go back to point A through points A, B, and C. The order is A→B→C→B→A.

③On the way, some kind of event (accident) may occur.

“Listen to the instructions from the central control and respond.”

④It is a time attack to see how quickly you can reach the goal within the time limit.

2, final

The 5 teams that won the preliminary round will be invited to Lake Biwa for the final round. Let’s actually build a boat and compete in Lake Biwa! Please be assured that we will provide a partial subsidy (preliminary prize money) for transportation expenses and ship production costs. Let’s run the only boat in the world on Lake Biwa, the best lake in Japan!

The rules are the same as the preliminaries.